Last day in Edinburgh

Photo #1. My dinner: Haggis Fritters in Whiskey Sauce in Bennet Pub 1830. #2. Me in the Bennet pub located beside the Kings Theatre, excellent decorative tiles and Haggis. #3. Kings Theatre, #4. Ross Theatre, Outdoor Princess St. Garden Theatre #5.Scottish Cultural Centre on Royal Mile #6. Central Cathedral St. Giles #7. Red Interior TheContinue reading “Last day in Edinburgh”

Ariane Mnouchkine ‘s Theatre du Soleil

Last night I had the great privilege of seeing Ariane Mnouchkines four hour epic play, Les Naufrages du Fol Espoir (Aurores), The Castaways of the ‘Fol Espoir’ (Sunrises….and the name of the ship that goes aground off Cape Horn.) The set was built in an enormous airplane hanger and the huge wooden shipping crates wereContinue reading “Ariane Mnouchkine ‘s Theatre du Soleil”

4 shows 2 days

Had the Pleasure of seeing three cabarets yesterday. Witty songs charismatic performances . Bourgeois and Maurice a brother and sister team were my favorites from last visit they did not disappoint, Serving up pink marshmallows on a silver platter at the beginning of their show Sugartits. I was thankful for the vanilla smelling marshmallow, iContinue reading “4 shows 2 days”

Edinburgh Festival

Thrilled to be back in Edinburgh. Smooth passage. Bus from glasgow to Edinburgh. Arrived University of Edinburgh. No sleep made for dazed first day. Went to see Carly Tarett’s new show Sinfull, cleaver take on 7 deadly sins. Missed my 10 pm show, opted for sleep. Will make it up after tomorrows performance in AuroraContinue reading “Edinburgh Festival”