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Ariane Mnouchkine ‘s Theatre du Soleil

Last night I had the great privilege of seeing Ariane Mnouchkines four hour epic play, Les Naufrages du Fol Espoir (Aurores), The Castaways of the ‘Fol Espoir’ (Sunrises….and the name of the ship that goes aground off Cape Horn.) The set was built in an enormous airplane hanger and the huge wooden shipping crates were …

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MOV Exhibits Vancouver

MOV / Planetarium Vancouver Neon Exhibit, Art Deco Dresses 1920’s – 1930’s and protest buttons from the 60’s and 70’s.check it out. Latest protest button would read “Pussy Riot!” in honor of the female musicians in Russia who were just given two year jail sentences for performing in a church.

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Working on my Siamese Twin painting for backdrop to go along with Coco’s painting. My ‘Nurse Rachette’ character was on TV series FRINGE this week, in flash back to 40’s sequence. Established contacts in New York this week. Cara Yeates (tremendous solo show artist) introduced me to John Johnson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting who worked as a producer/ …

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Details of Back Drop for Stripes

Coco is still working on the backdrop…here are more close up details. The Strong Lady is ballencing all the different circus characters atop a teeter totter, the juggler is juggling cats, the high wire act, two headed lady, the pirate all waiting for their turn to spring into action!

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Coco’s Painting Back Drop for Stripes

The amazing artist Coco Fralic holding her new painting – backdrop for Stripes.

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