Working on my Siamese Twin painting for backdrop to go along with Coco’s painting.

My ‘Nurse Rachette’ character was on TV series FRINGE this week, in flash back to 40’s sequence.

Established contacts in New York this week. Cara Yeates (tremendous solo show artist) introduced me to John Johnson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting who worked as a producer/ ACR for her friend John’s show in NY. John introduced me to Jana who is a great tech person. I’ll meet with them in June to plan a strategy for August FringeNYC.
Booked June trip, staying with Mimi B. for a few nights. Mimi is a New Yorker I met in Banff at Richard Armstrong International Voice Workshop, she is a cartoonist and lives in Dobbbs Ferry 45 min from Manhattan.

Out of the blue…also in June in New York, I will also be interviewed for a documentary by Anthony Masai. He is making a documentary on Clive Barker and his Cenobites. I played a Cenobites in Hellraiser VI, Stitches, years ago. It was quite a thrill because I had a kissing scene with Dean Winters (Ryan O’Rielly from the tv series OZ)….ok so I was wearing a rubber mask…it was still thrill.

Great rehearsals last week with Marguerite and Tara Cheyenne (she’s performing Goggles at Shadboldt this week). Excited to begin coaching sessions with Jimmy Tait this week as I rehearse for the last weekend in May performances of Stripes at Moberly Arts Centre.


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