Performing in the Ag Hall, Mayne Island B.C.

Amazing, enthusiastic reception for Stripes on Mayne Island last weekend. Tremendous support from a lively community. Waiting back stage at the Ag Hall in my Nun/Party Girl costume, I could hear the audience building, getting more rambunctious. Then it sounded like they were playing tromones and basoons as chairs were dragged and shuffled across theContinue reading “Performing in the Ag Hall, Mayne Island B.C.”

Trinity College Library, Book of Kells & Dublin National Art Gallery

“Trinity college Dublin is The oldest University in Ireland, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I and is famous for its graduates such as Swift, Goldsmith, Wilde and Beckett.” It was a thrill to be in the Long Room which houses 200,000 of the library’s oldest books in oak bookcases, with tall sliding metal staircasesContinue reading “Trinity College Library, Book of Kells & Dublin National Art Gallery”

Dublin’s Fair and Wild City

There is so much to do in Dublin, little time to post. Yesterday I saw four shows at Dublin fringe, beginning by having my portrait sketched in a storage cupboard, under the streets of Temple Bar, a one on one show in Lucy’s Lounge – The S.I. Witkiewicz Portrait Painting Production based on a polishContinue reading “Dublin’s Fair and Wild City”