Performing in the Ag Hall, Mayne Island B.C.

Amazing, enthusiastic reception for Stripes on Mayne Island last weekend. Tremendous support from a lively community. Waiting back stage at the Ag Hall in my Nun/Party Girl costume, I could hear the audience building, getting more rambunctious. Then it sounded like they were playing tromones and basoons as chairs were dragged and shuffled across theContinue reading “Performing in the Ag Hall, Mayne Island B.C.”


Nun Strolling in Central Park

Strolling through Central Park with my entourage…Peggy, Rosie and Rosie’s Mum. Earlier in the day I was filming CBS Early Show with the rest of the FringeNYC gang…when I was required to remove my Nun habit before they went to air…”No Politics or Religion for our viewers”, I was told. Bummer, I guess I learnedContinue reading “Nun Strolling in Central Park”