Performing in the Ag Hall, Mayne Island B.C.

Ag Hall, Mayne Island B.C.

Amazing, enthusiastic reception for Stripes on Mayne Island last weekend. Tremendous support from a lively community.
Waiting back stage at the Ag Hall in my Nun/Party Girl costume, I could hear the audience building, getting more rambunctious. Then it sounded like they were playing tromones and basoons as chairs were dragged and shuffled across the hall as more seats were squeezed into the space, I could tell the house was fulling up, so excited to see Miranda back stage when she comfirmed it was a sold out show.
I felt joy and delight in my body and heart and with the audiences responsive laughter. Held in the arms of delight I could fully enter the world of the play and this support carried me through, living inside each moment and song. I discovered new possibilities with the audiences response to the material. The standing ovation was sweet, I could definitely feel the love, a healing exchange and heart warming experience.
I owe thanks to many people who supported this event: Sponsorship with Mayne Island Little Theatre (MILT) thanks to Deb Foote. Carol Munroe encouraging me all along, with what was my next best step. Brian and Carol and Shanti and Don selling tickets at Home Hardware and Farmgate. Kim and Miranda my writing buddies and rock star musicians running the sound with Peter’s expert input. Lael, super house-manager and all round supportive accomplished artist! Peggy publicist and entourage of one, best supporter ever! Toby Snelgrove photographer and lighting tech extraordinaire. Thanks also to Brian Crumblehume, Toby and Deb for climbing laders and hanging the lights. Thanks to Joanna Weeks for the Ag Hall! And to my dear brother Bill, who helped hang the backdrop, put up sandwich boards and flags and invited me into his excellent community. Also thanks to Mayneliner, Island Tides and MaineNews!

Facebook reviews from Mayne for Stripes: The Mystery Circus
Toby Snelgrove: Stripes – Sarah Hayward’s play at the ag hall tonight – is a must see! An incredible solo show. I just did the lighting and saw the whole play.(At the dress rehearsal) Truly, it is a must see.

Deb Foote Thanks for bringing your Show to Mayne Sarah Hayward,everyone I talked to today enjoyed it immensely
November 9 at 11:56am

Sam Israel I laughed when I wasn’t biting my lower lip to keep from crying: energy, inventiveness, and compassion compressed into an explosive hour of fine theater. Thanks for all your work, Sarah.
November 9 at 6:42pm

Gail Noonan Ditto the above and I didn’t try to stop from crying. Really wonderful, Sarah.
November 10 at 11:27am ·

Glenda Goodman It was really great, I laughed …I cried….still tear up when I describe it
November 11 at 8:39am

Lael Whitehead, Just wanted to say again, thank you for the great show you put on last Saturday! What great energy and timing! It was indeed both funny and heart-warming – I think you made a lot of people happy 🙂

Sarah Hayward Thank you for all the touching comments about the show . I had such a great time on Mayne!
November 11 at 11:56am


Season Premier Once Upon a Time, Sunday Sept 30, 2012

Season Premier of Once Upon a Time, Cast and Crew Viewing (Sophia, Red Riding Hood, Sally, Granny.)
Prince Charming, Sally and Sophia
Beverley Elliott and Mig Macario
Once Upon A Time, Cast

Went to Cast and Crew & Family viewing of season premier of ‘Once Upon a Time’ with my friend Beverley Elliott  (who plays Granny) and her daughter Sally and friend Sophia, (big fan of the show got everyones autograph). Hung out with our favourite ‘Storybrooke’ characters, Prince Charming, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs, Red Riding Hood and the Evil Queen. I was the photographer.

Once Upon a Time is an American fantasy-drama television series created by Lost and Tron: Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, on ABC. The show airs Sunday nights at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT


Arrived in London just in time to catch the last performance of Tiger Lillies doing Hamlet with Danish acting company, breath taking work.
Walked from Chelsea to Trafalgar Square for lunch in China Town with my old pal James . Five hours of walking and laughing.
Saw matinee of hottest show in London at the moment Matilda, best child actor I have ever seen, full on energetic show, marvelous.












Trinity College Library, Book of Kells & Dublin National Art Gallery

“Trinity college Dublin is The oldest University in Ireland, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I and is famous for its graduates such as Swift, Goldsmith, Wilde and Beckett.”
It was a thrill to be in the Long Room which houses 200,000 of the library’s oldest books in oak bookcases, with tall sliding metal staircases and spiral staircases reaching up to the books. It felt like a book cathedral, vast and holy.

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Dublin Zoo

Best Zoo I’ve ever seen. Great big animal habitats with lots of room to play and swim and foliage to hide out. The Animals seemed content and well cared for. A zoo keeper we spoke to who was over feeding the lovely African Red River Hogs said the Government recently put 30 million dollars into improving conditions and expanding.
The last photo is a Sloth sleeping in a box .

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Dublin’s Fair and Wild City

There is so much to do in Dublin, little time to post.
Yesterday I saw four shows at Dublin fringe, beginning by having my portrait sketched in a storage cupboard, under the streets of Temple Bar, a one on one show in Lucy’s Lounge – The S.I. Witkiewicz Portrait Painting Production based on a polish artist from the 1920’s. Another show A Wine Goose Chase, all about the history of Irish wine, where the audience tastes four wines and a cognac, brilliant idea very well researched.

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