Love letters to the Public Transport System

Best play so far: Love Letters To Public Transport System. I bought the last available ticket. The play was recommended to me by Kerry Sandomirsky, who had been here two weeks before me seeing plays with her son Ben. The play was written and performed by Molly Taylor and produced by the National Theatre of Scotland. Gorgeous writing, simple, full of love and gratitude for the people that help her get where she is going on life.
It reminded me of the gratitude I felt to the Handy Dart Bus drivers when Mum was in the extended care hospital at the Saanich Pensula Hospital for a year and a half. She was in a wheelchair and we would not had been able to take her home for visits without the help of the Handy Dart Busses. I think of those drivers as ‘angels of mercy’.

Photos of Edinburgh, Market, Jamie Oliver’s Italian Kitchen (best food so far…mint and pea ravioli with asperagus sauce. My “No Carb Diet” has gone out the window…this is the land of carbs…plump women are appreciated over here.)


2 thoughts on “Love letters to the Public Transport System

  1. my god its so beautiful there – You sound so jazzed, hope your journaling so you can tell me about every detail possible when your back – woo hoo an Edinburgh show and tell with Simi Starfish.

    Yes, I am journaling and can’t wait to fill in all the details once I am home.

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