8 shows 2 days

Unbelievable shows yesterday. Contrasting styles of theatre from The Summerhall , a man ripping out his heart in the surrealist Polish Theatre ‘How a ManCrumbled’ to an award winning show featuring a naked Italian actress sitting on a high stool in a stream of consciousness monologue, called The Shit, spewing rapid fire about what’s going on in her mind as she prepares for an audition, to Adam Kay’s Bum Notes ( funny rude songs recommended by Steven Fry) and the Traverse offering of Mess, an imaginative look at anorexia… It was a mind blowing day of theatre!

University of Edinburgh





“The Shit at Summerhall – a piece so naked, raw and angry that you leave the theatre feeling as if you’ve had all your skin scraped off” Lyn Gardner “The List”.


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