Sarah Hayward

actor, comedian, singer/songwriter and playwright

Galway, Ireland

We had a very harrowing start at the Dublin airport where we rented a car. Our rental car looked like a very cheap car, Opel Corsa. I was just getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road using a stick shift (standard transmission which I haven’t driven for a while) when the cheap stick shift came off…. in my hand, it was held on by a very flimsy plastic clip about a half an inch wide…….we could’t believe our eyes, looking down at the stick upside down in my hand, luckily I could pull over to the side of the road and re-assemble the stick shift and drive back to the rental car agency and demand a better car….they gave us an upgrade to what ever is above a Toyota Yaris…and we made it safely to Galway about 3 hours later and a 2 hour wait for the car business.
Galway is beautiful, glad to be here.

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  1. Colin Moore

    Glad you made it to Galway safe and sound.

  2. kathryn kirkpatrick

    oh lord – glad you got out of the clown car and into something safe – love the photos they all look like post cards to me – you guys so rock – have a pint for me!

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