Enneagram Evening With T.J. Dawe and Lindsay – Good Times in Vancouver

Beet Burgers and Wisdom

Last summer while performing at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival I saw TJ Dawes play “The Enneagram”, and I loved it! His best play yet and he’s written 12 original Fringe Plays…this years is even more amazing, it’s called “Medicine” and will be playing the the Firehall Theatre in January of 2013…(Go see it!) We bumped in to each other at the Push Off performances at Push Festival and he told me he and his girlfriend Lindsay host Enneagram evenings on Monday nights…cool, how do I get invited…he invited me!

I went online to do a free ten minutes test to find out what personality type I am according to the Enneagram….turns out I’m a #7 Enthusiast / Epicure . Then went for a delicious dinner of artichokes, beet burgers and salad, with TJ, Lindsay and Jill. They have all been studying the Enneagram, going to conferences…and they reviewed my type, confirmed the #7 by asking me questions from the book “The Wisdom of the Enneagram”. It’s fascinating to learn what traits I hold in common with all other 7’s, things I thought were particular to me are common to all 7’s, both a relief and revelation. Great for character description for writers depending on the type of character they are creating, lots of cool discoveries about how that character will react in given situation.

So, now I know all 7’s have a hard time getting work done on their own it explains why I need to meet with others to get my best work done…and I’ve met with some amazing people James Fagan Tait, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Marguerite Witvoet, Richard Armstrong, Judith Koltai, Val Campbell, Beverley Elliot, Nigel Charnock…and my writing groups, which has been totally inspiring…but now I can also go and work on my own as well as collaborate, recognizing that this is a challenge for me but do it in spite of myself!
Now off to Edinburgh to perform my 5 minutes of Simi Starfish in Aurora Winterbourne’s Candid Cabaret.


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