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Performer-playwright juggles seven characters in one-woman show (Tue, Aug 23/11)

For Stripes, opening tonight at 8 pm at Chester Playhouse, Hayward
creates seven different characters. There is a bearded lady, a
two-headed lady . . .

‘Stripes: The Mystery Circus’ comes to the Playhouse

South Shore Now (08/23/11)

Sarah Hayward will be on stage at the Chester Playhouse performing her
one-of-a kind original production “Stripes: The Mystery Circus” . . .

Stripes: The Mystery Circus

Posted by Kelly Stifora, CBC Review Crew, Aug 2011

Despite its title, Stripes: The Mystery Circus is more retro-cabaret
act than big top confection. It’s a compelling piece of fringe theatre,
but not one that I would recommend for children.

whose name means many songs, auditions for us, the circus
administration, by demonstrating her ability to fill each in a roster
of three ring roles. As she embodies the two-headed woman, the strong
lady, etc. we are treated to a glimpse into her past in the form of
Weill-esque songs sung operatically by Sarah Hayward.

The character that emerges owes as much to Gloria Steinem as she does
to Mary Poppins. Pollyhymnia is torn between her fierce independence
and her overwhelming desire to be loved and accepted. She’s played many
roles in her life, and if she gets into the circus, maybe she can have
them all.

Hayward’s performance is at turns hilarious and heartbreaking . . .

Stripes honours her family

The Tri-City News

Published: March 29, 2011

Eight years ago, Sarah Hayward started to take voice
lessons in Vancouver.

And she found that her coach, Marguerite Witvoet, not
only had an talent to bring the best out of her students but to turn
their daily lives into song.

Read more . . .

Sarah Hayward and Stripes: The Mystery Circus
VO: The Vancouver Observer, Alfred DePew
May 16th, 2010


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