Debut of Simi Starfish

World debut of my new character, Simi Starfish, singing “Happy St. Valentines Day” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret. Performed my new piece for a full house, very enthusiastic reception, bit of a thrill to perform here. Met lots of interesting Fringe performers doing a variety of pieces to promote their shows. It’s a real marathon for the performers over here 26 days of flyer-ing and promoting and performing.

I’d love to do my show ‘Stripes’ here but the costs of producing are prohibitive. I’ve heard that is costs about 30,000 pounds to produce your show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
In the Scotsman newspaper today Clare Smith talks about with it really costs to put on a show at the Fringe. “Among circuit comics, the cost of bringing a show to Edinburgh and staying here for thee weeks is reckoned at an average of 6,000 pounds. But if an act really wants to make a push for the big time the costs start to escalate. PR alone can cost 6,000 Pounds and a big poster campaign for one artist last year was said to cost 30,000 Pounds.”
So, I’m grateful to have the privilege to see so many great shows and to have performed at the famous and ‘expensive’ Edinburgh Festival, for the cost of a vacation.
Seeing “Mess’ at the Traverse Theatre at 12:45, then ‘How a Man Crumbled’ at Summerhall 3:30, then ‘ Love Letters to The Public Transport System’ at 6:15 if I can get a ticket and then ‘The Shit” at Summerhall at 9:15.
Met Robert McDowell, the man in charge at Summerhall, with over 500 rooms Mr McDowell says they are the biggest private performance / art exhibition space outside the Paul Getty space in California. He said that “Canada has fallen of the mind map of Britain culturally, that Australia has over taken. He recommend I see The Shit and How a Man Crumbled…so I will.


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