New Focus, New Material, Different Aspects of Life….

This blog started out as my Stripes : The Mystery Circus Tour Begins, progress blog… that I’ve toured the show for 5 years I am working on new material with Marguerite Witvoet my vocal coach and Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg (well known local artist and Choerographer “Banger”, Goggles, “Highgate”).

This morning my brother Bill called to say he’d heard my “special thanks” facebook message to honour Marguerite Witvoet, my singing teacher extraordinaire,  on CBC’s North by North West. I’ve been working with Marguerite for many years now and she inspired and coached me through the creation on my solo show Stripes. This week she starts her new job at Capillano University..the students will be very lucky to have her expert and patient musical guidance!


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