Lobster – Fried Clams- Nova Scotia – Chester Playhouse Aug 23-26

What’s Cooking?
More Seafood Please By Jan Napier

When my favourite out-of-town friend, Sarah Hayward, comes “home” to visit the itinerary al- ways includes a very happy reunion with all of her beloved local seafood dishes. So much seafood, so little time. A few tins of lobster tucked in the freezer and we’re ready to whip up some lobster rolls. Deep fried whole clams with a splash of lemon juice are always high on the agenda. A bowl of chowder at Peggy’s Cove is a classic sum- mer holiday treat if you can avoid the bus tour crowds……

Sarah Hayward returns this summer to per- form her one woman show, “Stripes: The Mystery Circus”, at the Chester Playhouse. Visit http://www.chesterplayhouse.ca for more details.

(Portion of Jan’s article from Southender.)


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