New York Review- Stripes

Review by Daryl Glenn

“The joyously authentic and unusual Sarah Hayward performed her self-penned one woman show “Stripes: The Mystery Circus” to an enraptured audience who were, myself included, basking in the glow of a completely original, never seen anything like it before treat of theatrical wizardry. Suffice to say that the action all centers around kooky,
desperate and oddly endearing Pollyhymnia and her hilarious, genuinely touching and off-kilter attempts to join the circus. Taking her cue from famous illustrious acts of the past she turns each into her own version, taking the general idea (or title anyway) and evolving them into variations that you and I could certainly never imagine on our own that made one actually feel another persons often insane and yet insanely logical and involving world view. Clever, smart and funny she never lost our attention through any number of character and costume changes (all handled rather brilliantly and expediently!) and a host of deliciously strange and beautiful songs that transported us to another world entirely. This was a lovely show and a completely successful tribute to it’s obviously impassioned creator! Brava Sarah!”


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