Artist Meets Industry Van fringe Talk

Attended interesting Vancouver Fringe Professional Development Talk…Artist Meets industry with Justin Sudds of S.L. Freldmann & Associates (Manager agent) and TJ Dawe.
Notes from this session:
Discussed: the importance of Social Media Component for artist Justin looks for big presence in social networking, twitter, facebook fans etc.
Mentioned opportunities for artists: corporate touring, PACtouring, Contact showcases for artists (BCTC, Capacoa, Contact East)
Recommended sites: for tips and advise for performers,,,ie: Here’s what a cold call email should look like….. Justin and Kahlil Ashanti (Basic Training) taking blog and making it into a show.
Spoke of difference between a soft sell ticket, like a fringe or subscription and a hard sell ticket one you just sell on your own name.
Agents: Looking for world class shows…best writer, best physical performer best expressive performer with a body of work. If you are looking for a producer to rep your show? Look on the posters of the super successful artists, for the names of their reps.
Edinburgh….don’t go thinking you will make money…..average audience 8 people…$10,000 TO 20,000 expenses. Great for big industry exposure if you have top show and you flyer your tail off.
Vital importance to your show success…title of your show…sometimes that is all a person reads about your show.
Publicist also very important!


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