Vee and Sarah team up to make a double bill of our shows! Feb 9, 2010

Stripes The Mystery Circus and Under The Mango Tree…
Double Bill, April 2011.
Meeting in Coquitlam with Veenesh Dubois and David Mann at the Evergreen Cultural Centre to discuss producing our two show together next season at the Evergreen Arts Centre. The dates are for April 5-9…2011 both shows, in tandum for six performances! Hurray.

Both Vee and I are performing our shows this spring at the Moberley Arts Centre, 7646 Prince Albert St. One block east of Fraser at 59th.
Under The Mango Tree…April 16th-17, 8pm and Sunday 18th 2pm.
Stripes: The Mystery Circus, at the Moberley Arts Centre, May 28-29, 8pm and Sunday 30th, 2pm. 2010

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