New York, New York Nov 09

On a recent trip to NY, I checked out some performing possibilities….Fringe, Blueberry Pond, Clubs. Visited friends, Mimi, Jo Bruno, Susan & Tillman and Martin.
Did a lot in two days. Found New York Finge office: 520 8th Ave 3rd fl, visited Galleries Frick, Gugenheim, Folk Art, and Moma. Went for dinner with Susan, Tillman and Martin at La Voce on Madison and 26th Ave and had traditional St Martins Day Goose dinner. Stayed with Mimi, in Dobbs Ferry 45 min train ride outside NY on the Hudson River.
Saw great show- verbatium monologues on US Health Care, “Let Me Down Easy”, Anna Devears Smith….very inspiring. My next show will be a Verbatium show…I’ve already started, with interviews from Cassandra Project and now playwrights workshop writing exercises with Marcus.


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