Sept 1 / 09

Home again to my Oscar and Gizzyboy, hurray. Nothing like coming home.
Took a cab to Richmond and James’ Mum Judy was there to welcome me back with open arms and tea and rasberry crumble. A lovely warm reception. She also gave me carrots, beets and a piece of cheese bread for the road so I’d have some food when I got home.
London was a whirl wind of people and sights and then two days in the countryside- Surrey, Leatherhead and my visit with Betty Parsons. At 93 she is still the gracious hostess, looking after all her guests as they pass through London. She is full of wisdom and good advise, I took notes.

I left at 5:30 am and she had another guest from Austrilia
arriving at 3pm, then family arriving later that day.
So now to prepare for the Victoria show of Stripes: The Mystery Circus for Aug 12th.

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