Prague Aug 25 09

Finding my way around Prague become much easier when I found the metro and tram map, tourists mostly don’t use them, (and they are very easy to use).
At the Opera last night I met Johannes Strauss and his wife, from Johannesburg. They had been on a bike tour down the Danube to Vienna and came to Prague for the Opera. They say it’s mostly Italian tourists in Prague and they are swamped with Art in Italy so that’s why the galleries are virtually empty here.
There was a Nun at the Opera and two women in full Geisha costumes and and man who looked like a 70 year old Santa Clause with a black tux and a thick black rimmed monnicle, who sat in the front row. An interesting crowd in a spectacularly ornate Opera House, with row and rows of special red velvet box seats, huge chandeliers, carved figures and ceiling paintings.
Earlier this week I tried the Czech cuisine, a Czech speciality meal, beef slices on a plate of creamy gravy with cranberry sauce and Whipped Cream on top!!! Plus sliced dumplings, yikes I could feel my arteries hardening.
Other menu items included: three kinds of fried cheese with tartar sauce; steak tartare, Mistress Katty’s hot tongues, stuffed with cheese on a salad leaf; White mould cheese Hermelin pickled in a soak of piquent spicy sauce and lots of sausages, ribs and ham dishes.

Set maquette in Prague Art Gallery.

Nun at the Opera
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