Wed 20th August London 09

Three hours to run around in London before my flight from Gatwick to Prague.
I take the train from Gatwick where I stayed at Gainsborough Lodge, straight to Victoria Station, then to Waterloo Station and the Royal National Theatre (RNT)to buy a ticket to see Hellen Murrin in Phedra, I buy the last ticket for next Wednesday night the 26th, when I’ll be back in London.
Saw a fantastic “Best Of the Year”,photography exhibit at the RNT, one of a baby elephant and his care giver that touched me and another that horrified me of USA Jail Rodeo, where the prisoners are to sit and play poker as they are charged by an enraged bull last one to get up from the table wins.
Walked over the Thames bridge to Courtauld Gallery to see art exhibit, suprised to find the courtyard was full of children squeeling with delight as they ran through the water fountains. Very refreshing to find such a sight in the midst of London.
Then walked up to Covent Garden for a look around and back to Train for Gatwick.
Met a fellow from Haywards Heath, Nick Sparkles, he has agreed to take photo’s of me as a Nun in Trafalgar Square next week.

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