Sunday 16th August Edinburgh

Need more bandages.
Raining again today, Monday 17th.

Yesterday it stopped raining for awhile. Dressed up as Nun asked a passer by to take photo’s outside the Hub and Red Door Church, the wind really picks up the habit, I feel a bit like I’m sailing when I wear the big white hat.
4 more shows yesterday, went back to see Everything Must Go, wept buckets again…the most beautiful ending ever. I was given a free ticket by the Actress Kristin Fredrickson, who i met quite accidently on the street when her boyfriend handed me a flyer for the show and i said I’d seen it and loved it and was telling everyone I meet to go see this show.

Saw three very tallented young English actresses, from a company called “Inside Intelligence” with amazing patrons…. Dame Judi Dench, CH DBE FRSA (also Joanna Lumley, Sir Tom Stoppard, Julie Walters CBE …) They performed Sylvia Plath Play -“Three Women”…fine production, depressing of course, but very good.
Tried to go to the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland, but when I arrived outside the impressive gothic looking building I found that it`s closed, under renovatioin until 2011 just like the nearby pool!
Then tried to get into David Leddy`s White Tea, but it`s sold out, so I went to the acclaimed Event….`The man stood in the light and spoke to the people in the dark, who have agreed to be silent…blah bla and so it goes all self reflecting on theatre conventions…had a brilliant bit in the middle about how the world has changed to become more materialistic.

Saw official Edinburgh Festival Show “Optimism” last night….it evoked the opposite…nightmare of a show with good performances and a few good songs that don’t seem to have anything to do with anything.

Seeing stranger sights on the streets of Edinburgh than in the theatres….a man with thick dark hair growing out of his ears, thick like mustaches, like giant side burns inside his ears, he is dressed delicately in white linnen and speaks with a soft voice….I saw a man with no neck and a man with an elephant forhead all in folds above his eye…all within one block of the Assembly Theatre on George Street.

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