Monday 17th Aug Edinburgh

Went to Fringe Central this morning for a lecture on “How To DO A FRINGE SHOW HERE.”
Found out there are 30,000 shows here this month! One of the people speaking is a 78 year
old woman Lynn Ruth Miller, who has three different shows in the Free Fringe this month.

Then witnessed a staged competition between Circus performers and Side-Show crazy sword
swallowing, nipple stapling guys, judged by Otto Rott, his sister and Amanda Palmer, singer from Dresdens.

Dressed up and strolled the Royal Mile as the Nun.
Gave out some flyers for “Everything Must Go”, the show I liked so much.

Spoke to a woman in line up for a show yesterday, she is from Milasya and has been
comming here every year to the Fringe for 10 years, she says “it’s like you catch a fever and have
to return year after year.”

Going to hear ” The Tiger Lilly’s ” in concert tonight.

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