Sat 15th Aug Edinburgh

9:30 am Taxi to Traverse to wait in the cue for a standby ticket for hit show Midsummer: a play with music… waited till 11 but did not
not get in, stopped with the lady in front of me. Went to farmers market had a a Scotch Egg, a hard boild egg wrapped in saussage meat and covered in crumbs and fried! Saved it for supper.

I really don’t like crowds, but here i am around 2,000 people at every turn, breakfast buffet, line ups, restaurants, line ups for shows, it is a bit rattling internally. As much as I love the shows, the crowds are wearing.

Met my Scottish friend Jennifer 1pm for a one woman show: The Chronicles of Irania. A show about the plight of the women in Iran. Very passionate performance, good purpose but in need of editing and a good director. The show will stay with me for a long while. Dealt with acid in the face of women by husbands, who then need their husband permisson to receive medical attention! The Hanging of homosexuals, were just some of the images from this show…all wrapped up in Iranian Folk tales
Discovered the Forest Fringe, another whole Fringe that starts on the 17th and has free alternative performances all day. The woman form the British arts council said they are a really interesting group.
Rested for the rest of the day.

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