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Monthly Archives: April, 2010

Nun in London

Nun sees London, Trafalgar Square 2009.

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Nun in Prague 2009

Nun goes to Prague….scattering seeds for the World tour!

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Royal Mile, Edinburgh 2009

Busking on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh last August 2009.

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Vee’s Show Under The Mango Tree – Moberley Arts & Culture Centre

Vees’ show is up and running at the Moberely Arts Centre. I saw the show twice and was touched many times in each performance. The school show on Thursday morning was an amazing experience, to witness such a moving performance in the company of a culturally diverse group of children, grades 6 & 7, and …

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Details of Back Drop for Stripes

Coco is still working on the backdrop…here are more close up details. The Strong Lady is ballencing all the different circus characters atop a teeter totter, the juggler is juggling cats, the high wire act, two headed lady, the pirate all waiting for their turn to spring into action!

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